The mission of the Greenwich Preservation Trust is to educate and advocate for the preservation of our historic and cultural resources through preservation projects and developing preservation incentives in planning land use policy and regulations.


The Town of Greenwich’s historic architecture and sites are unique and valuable assets that make Greenwich special and are worthy of preserving for future generations to enjoy.


To educate, inspire and encourage historic preservation across the Town of Greenwich by involving all members of the community.


That you will join Greenwich Preservation Trust in working to preserve the Town of Greenwich’s past for the future.


The Byram Neighborhood Association formed the Thomas Lyon House Committee in 2006 to insure that the c1695 structure would not be demolished and investigate possible uses for it. The Committee’s first goal was to document the age and condition of the house with a title search, historic structure report and dendrochronology study. The Town’s Conservation Commission, and its director Denise Savageau, funded the title search and the historic structure report. The dendrochronology study was done courtesy of the Cornell Tree-Ring Laboratory. The Thomas Lyon House Committee established the Greenwich Preservation Trust in 2008, which as one of its goals, would to continue to work with the Town to restore and find an appropriate use for the Thomas Lyon House. Knowing that many of Greenwich’s rich architectural heritage buildings were being threatened with demolition, Greenwich Preservation Trust broadened their mission statement to advocate for the preservation of ALL of the town’s historic structures.